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Keep your applications running error-free by automatically identifying issues and receiving solutions suggestions.


Most of today’s business relies on the good performance of a multitude of critical applications. Various types of events can have an impact : from new deployments and updates that create errors to excessive resource usage that threatens environment stability. Since applications interconnect and communicate with external components across distributed architectures, this brings extra layers of complexity and adds to the challenge of providing a complete picture.


Logmind reduces the complexity of errors by notifying users of application bugs or slowdowns automatically and in real-time. The resolution process is made much quicker and more enjoyable thanks to the recommended solving actions and contextual information.

Reduce stress by finding out about errors and bugs from the moment they happen

Logmind uses advanced machine learning techniques to automatically identify errors before they turn into incidents. This approach gives you time to solve early signs of problems and avoid any escalation that could impact your users.

Shift your focus from monitoring to solving errors

Thanks to Logmind's automatic grouping of insights in three severity levels (high - medium - low), you can decide to invest your limited time to fix critical issues first, leaving performance-related and minor errors to later, once you can free additional time.

Stop reviewing individual logs and accelerate your resolution process

The automatically provided explanations and links to related online shared knowledge greatly facilitate and accelerate your troubleshooting. The advanced analytics help you deep-dive into issues to quickly improve your understanding of the situation. As a result you spend less time investigating and fixing problems.

Keep your team members on the same page

With the help of the platform, team members can leverage their experience by solving errors in the area where their expertise is strongest, leaving other type of errors to their more qualified colleagues. Team managers can easily track the current status and resolution process of their team.