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Why Logmind?

Find here why we believe we can help your IT team make a difference to the rest of your organization while helping them improve their work.

As the complexity of IT environments and the diversity of computer-generated log data increases exponentially, current conventional and rules-based problem detection methods become obsolete.

This is where we introduce our tool to IT teams. We help them automatically detect problems and recommend solutions for an accelerated resolution. Early diagnosis of the problem not only assists the team by keeping their systems running error-free, but also by avoiding costly incidents in time.

Top reasons for switching to Logmind:

  • Straightforward procedure: work on the resolution as soon you are notified of automatically identified new issues.
  • Reduced stress for your team: gain knowledge and better understanding of errors at the earliest possible stage. Stop firefighting and buy yourself time to decide where to act first while saving additional time thanks to the accelerated resolution.
  • Keep track of your team's current resolution situation: align your team's efforts by dispatching error resolution among different members, stay in the loop with the help of the commenting function and the available status.
  • Avoid any long deployment : start by picking the data sources you wish to get results on, then push them to the Logmind platform and immediately discover the newly generated insights in your session so that you can straightaway work on fixing them.
  • Profit from a simple predictable license model : no more hidden costs or hard to understand criteria, Logmind has all inclusive license model with one unique parameter that is easy to understand and measure for everyone.

We believe in keeping things as simple as possible to help IT teams work in a smarter faster way.