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Automatically identify critical complex errors and receive recommended solutions to prevent escalation and impact on your infrastructure.


The IT infrastructure landscape has been radically changing in recent years, moving from traditional on-premises to hybrid environments combining on-site data centers to multi-cloud environments spanned across different locations and teams. Monitoring this complex and ever evolving infrastructure has become vital to ensure the performance and reliability of organizations. Understanding the massive volumes of generated data and making visible problems has become key.


Instead of relying on a multitude of tools to monitor different areas of your IT environment, Logmind provides a unified interface for logs of any sort. Goal is to ensure end-to-end visibility and avoid wasting time and errors by constantly switching between a multitude tools.

Automatically predict issues by catching early signs of failure

To enable a genuine overview over the millions of everyday logs generated by the IT environment, one has to work in real time and use advanced automatic techniques.

Logmind automatically detects the very first signs of failure in log messages and sorts them by similar patterns to group them into insights. This gives time to solve problems before they escalate and transform into major impacting issues.

Remove the noise from false positives and irrelevant alerts

Thanks to its advanced ML techniques and the absence of pre-defined rules or thresholds, Logmind only generates alerts when they are relevant. With the option for user feedback, you can even fine tune what you wish to see.

Easily dispatch alerts to channels such as email, Slack, ServiceNow, PagerDuty so that your team can be instantly notified and take immediate actions.

Fast troubleshooting thanks to crowdsourced recommended solutions – within the same interface

Other engineers who experience similar issues in their IT environments will often discuss them online and post solutions on dedicated forums. Taking advantage of this shared knowledge means that Logmind automatically brings you the answer, making manual searching a thing of the past.

Our team ensures the quality and trustworthiness of these information sources by regularly checking and whitelisting them.

Eliminate time spent by users on configuration actions

Once your data is being pushed to the platform, no further action is required from users to define and maintain rules or such. Logmind works automatically to produces results as soon as it receives data.

We believe you should only focus on solving the identified errors with the help of the recommended solutions.