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Become proactive by automatically catching the earliest signs of network issues and fixing them in time.


Since organizations rely on their network to perform at the highest levels to satisfy their customers and users, performance issues and network outages are not only exasperating to deal with, they are also incredibly costly. Traditional monitoring relies heavily on user-defined rules and thresholds to generate error notifications. With this approach, events occurring outside of the scope of defined rules are not taken into account. The process of keeping rules sets up-to-date is also time-consuming and complex. Not to mention that you stay reactive to problems that are already happening and potentially impacting you.


Our approach at Logmind is quite the opposite: we bring knowledge of early signs of failure automatically and in real-time to the user, leaving him with time to understand and take the necessary actions. Another benefit for the team is the reduced stress and extra time for more valuable tasks.

Staying ahead of incidents and surfacing complex hidden issues

Thanks to advanced ML techniques, Logmind adopts a predictive approach by automatically detecting the earliest signs of network failure and giving the alert in real time. Auto correlation across multiple data sources is also very useful to identify complex hidden issues that would go otherwise unnoticed until impact to the environment.

Visibility at a glance

Easily create custom advanced data visualizations that meet your specific needs and display information on real-time dashboards for a live overview. For an even better understanding, drill-down and directly investigate data behind each visualization.

Clear answers and suggested solutions - all in automatic mode

Thanks to crowdsourcing techniques, Logmind offers clear straight-to-the-point answers to detected issues and recommends solving actions - all this within the same interface, without the hassle of manually searching for it.

Stop monitoring your monitoring tools

By shifting to an approach where you only get relevant alerts on automatically identified and categorized issues, you stop wasting time looking at static dashboards and focus only on promptly solving yours errors.