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Gain a real-time security overview by automatically gathering valuable insights and answers that improve your understanding of the fast changing situation.


Today’s hybrid IT infrastructure brings great benefits with additional flexibility, better cost optimization and improved support for agile DevOps. At the same time, new challenges emerge: ensuring a consistent application of security and compliance processes becomes very difficult, avoiding performance issues between private and public cloud SLAS turns also into a major topic as well as reaching an effective monitoring across the whole stack.


Logmind provides a smart security overview by taking into account security logs from all sources, independently from already deployed tools that remain highly customized for their particular area and were not designed to work with one another. As a result you become more confident that you can act proactively on the resolution of early-stage problems, rather than reacting to threatening incidents.

Improve your awareness of security issues with real-time insights

Because speed is of the essence, automatically catching the very first signs of errors and grouping them into meaningful insights is crucial to give you enough time to act and prevent any impact on your environment.

Scale to match your quickly changing needs

Because hybrid infrastructures tend to change constantly, it has become essential to be able to expand accordingly and meet your needs. Without hassle and additional costs, push new data sources to Logmind and immediately benefit from the same real-time perception in these areas of your environment too.

Easily deep dive for more detailed answers but without ever touching individual logs

When an issue is generated by hundreds of different hosts, having a good understanding of the situation can be challenging. Thanks to the ability to deep dive from the insight directly, you can filter out logs and results based on one single or a group of hosts without ever reviewing individual logs.

Receive relevant automatic answers to your complex issues

By leveraging the power of online shared knowledge, you can benefit from the answers and contextual information provided by other engineers and specialists who faced the same errors as you do now. Logmind ensures the quality and accuracy of the answers by regularly checking and whitelisting the information sources.