Why Logmind?

Logmind is a dynamic company from Switzerland that aims to empower IT teams in modern organizations with automatic detection and diagnosis of complex problems from their IT infrastructure.

As the complexity of IT environments and the diversity of computer-generated log data increases exponentially, current conventional and rules-based problem detection methods become obsolete. This is where we introduce our tool to IT teams to help them automatically detect problems and recommend resolutions. Early diagnosis of the problem not only helps the operations team to keep the systems running error-free, but also to avoid costly incidents in time.

Logmind helps you work smarter

Automate repetitive and manual log analysis processes so that you can better focus on your mission-critical tasks.

  • Gain insight into automatically identified hidden problems from your systems
  • Receive automatic recommendations for solving and troubleshooting complex problems
  • Benefit with the power of public knowledge from your peers around the globe

Logmind helps you work faster

Reduce time spent on root cause analysis and be able to resolve issues quickly before your end-user is affected.

  • Be instantly notified about insights and recommendations through your favorite channels
  • Minimize hours of data with millions of log entries into a meaningful and easy-to-understand format
  • Spend less time searching manually by using a familiar SQL query language to explore your data

Logmind helps you manage simpler

Gain visibility across different technologies from your complex IT environment with reduced engineering effort.

  • Analyze your infrastructure logs automatically from unlimited sources
  • Integrate Logmind with any log data agent and forward detected problems to your team’s preferred communication channels
  • Use Logmind delivered as a public or private cloud solution

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